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Although we do not choose to age, we can choose the way in which we age. At our center, we focus on longevity with good health in a positive and supportive environment. We care about each individual’s physical, emotional, social and nutritional health. Our staff includes a registered dietitian, a registered nurse, and social worker who collaborate to provide individualized care. Each day clients share their interests and personal stories and participate in activities with each other. As you come out and meet people, surely you will find many friends here. Come join us!

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In September 1993 the Center for Seniors (the "Center") opened its doors with only seven clients and three volunteer workers. Without losing any individualized attention and care, the Center has grown over the years to an average daily census of more than 160 clients with 23 employees caring for them. We have built the center with the hopes of providing a warm, friendly and caring environment within which older adults can meet with each other, share meals and stories.
In addition, the Center provides two hot meals (breakfast, lunch) and afternoon snack every day, and offers a broad range of activities for its clients ranging from physical activities (table tennis, waling, bean bag toss, etc) to intellectual such as chess and reading. The Center is pleased to offer its services in four locations: the "Kedzie Center" in Chicago, the "Lincoln Center" in Morton Grove, the Remington "Green Center" in Schaumburg and our newest location the "Joy Center" in Wheeling.
US Citizens or permanent residents older than 60 years of age with some physical or emotional problem such as heart conditions, hypertension, arthritis, dementia, feeling of helplessness or depression, etc. are eligible to apply.
Fees are based on a sliding scale, depending on the applicant’s income level. There is no fee for applicants who derive their income solely from Supplement Security Income (SSI), Public Aid, or substantial income. Please note, however, that any applicants with total savings (including items such as checking and savings accounts), stocks (including mutual funds, and life insurance policies) in excess of $17,500.00 for single individuals, $35,000.00 for married couples, are not eligible for services at the Center. Equity in an applicant’s primary residence is not included in the calculation of “savings.”
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